Thursday, September 25, 2008

Good Morning Hampstead!

I housesat for my closest Los Angeles Family for the past two weeks. The following animals currently live there:

Lord Haynesworth

Admiral Nelson

Hampstead (4 years ago)

Jeremy, Hampstead and I made a little movie. Enjoy!


Him said...

I like the pig!

Michael Payne said...

Now that's a pig! What a sweet little guy.

Dennis said...

I think Hampstead should wear a bib for meals. He might not really need it, but he's look cool. Wish Melissa were on the East Coast to cat sit Dizzy and Lui. Dennis Mc

melisslissliss said...

Thank you all for you comments!

Dennis: You can certainly fly me out to cat-sit! It's really just a matter of how much you actually love your cats!! ;)