Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Radiohead Perform Neil Young -Tell Me Why

Jeremy and I went to the Lakers game tonight! So much fun. Took the G9, and while uploading the photos (which I'll post later) Jeremy discovered this video I took back in August, added a title and helped out with the camera shake. Pretty awesome stuff. Glad it was rediscovered.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Prop H8: Perfectly Articulated

Veteran's Day Sunset/Moonrise

It really looked like this. Amazing colors. Beautiful sunset with a view and a moonrise behind me.

(click the photos for larger sizes)

Veteran's Day Sunset

Veteran's Day Sunset

Veteran's Day Moonrise

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Joshua Tree Halloween Dance Party in the Desert

Best Halloween ever.

Jeremy went to Joshua Tree last year with the Playa Surfers and suggested we go this year. We organized a group of 13, hopped into The Fits, and headed into the desert. It couldn't have worked out better. We knew the Playa Surfers were going again this year and hoped to meet up with them, but didn't know how or where.

We arrived at Joshua Tree around 11am on Friday. As we drove around scoping out available campsites, we pulled up to one that looked perfect. There were some other people staking out the site as well. We introduced ourselves, chatted, figured out the campsites and started unpacking. Ten mins later, a guy from the other campsite walks over and says, "Is that Jeremy? Were you here last year?" Turns out we were camped immediately next to the Playa Surfers! Once again, playadipity extends beyond the playa!!

The weekend was perfectly relaxing and so much fun. Saturday, we went to Hidden Valley for a day hike. The one mile loop took the whole day because we were so into it! We climbed around like the monkeys we are and had a frigging blast!!

Peggy brought everything to make Hot Totties and Banana Boats. Yummy goodness all around!

Here are some of the photos. For the rest, click any of them to get to Jeremy's site.

To make Banana Boats - peel the top section of the banana, carve out and eat, replace with assorted goodies like chocolate chips, caramel chunks, mini marshmallows, wrap in foil, place on grill, wait for goodies to melt, consume, enjoy!

No, really, dance party in the desert:

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


As I watched Obama speak tonight, I cried. For the hope of progress and change that such a landslide brings to me, this country, and the rest of the world. As I walked across the street from Steve & Kristan's, my phone dinged its little email notification letting me know that my friend Joseph had tagged me in a Facebook note. I couldn't have articulated this better:

I cried tonight.

I did.
I cried watching Obama speak in Chicago.
I watched the speech at my downstairs neighbor's house. I've never been inside, but I heard his TV and asked if I could come in.
I sat there surrounded by four black guys and we sat speechless, watching the families of our next president and vice president, white and black, hug each other.

An hour ago I called my dad. He picked up the phone with: "You won. What else do you want to talk about?"
My dad voted for McCain.
Tonight as I watched Obama talk about hope and change, as I watched him talk about leading this nation into a spirit of service––into a spirit of consciousness of ourselves as members of a larger world order––I cried a little.

I cried because something inside me felt like we get to be proud to be American again.
I cried because I knew somehow that the society I'm going to work for, the America I'm going to live in and build for my kids and the kids of my neighbors, doesn't have to be the land my parents and my friends parents understand.
I cried because, on a personal note, my love for all people regardless of race and my anger at the atmosphere of hatred that I grew up around in Republican Orange County, was somehow validated.
I cried because I watched our beautiful new first lady and her beautiful black daughter stand in front of the world as loving family members of the new most powerful man in America.

Let me underline my optimism with reality.
Because Obama is president, this country will not cease to be veined with racism.
Because Obama is president, the wars in Afganistan and Iraq will not magically cease and leave healed countries in their wake.
Because Obama is president, Los Angeles will not cease to have almost 90,000 homeless people sleeping on the street tonight and for many nights to come.
Because Obama is president, the economy will not cease to be in disarray.
Because Obama is president, injustice will not dissolve.
Because Obama is president, there is still no guarantee that gay people will be treated equally. That struggle will continue. Even Obama does not support gay marriage in principle, and there is a good chance that prop 8 will pass tonight. For that, this victory is bittersweet.


Because Obama is president, I can say that the country I believe in (in principle) does not prohibit someone from being in charge just because of their skin color.
Because Obama is president, I can be assured that while our goals might not be fulfilled, at least they are validated and aimed in the right direction.
Because Obama is president, I now believe there is a chance that we might begin to act as servants of the world and its people rather than a hegemonic, money-hungry juggernaut.
Because Obama is president, I no longer have to be ashamed to be American.

Because Obama is president, I have watched one of the most remarkable political victories in America manifested in front of my eyes.

Our generation has spoken.

If you were tagged in this note, it's because you were there alongside me and helped me care about the political process of this country.
Special props and love to my mom Kat and her wife Lynnette. I love you both and nothing can ever take away the love you have for one another. I will continue to fight for justice.

Thanks for reading,

President Obama

Barack the Vote!

My Election Day Getup!