Thursday, November 6, 2008

Joshua Tree Halloween Dance Party in the Desert

Best Halloween ever.

Jeremy went to Joshua Tree last year with the Playa Surfers and suggested we go this year. We organized a group of 13, hopped into The Fits, and headed into the desert. It couldn't have worked out better. We knew the Playa Surfers were going again this year and hoped to meet up with them, but didn't know how or where.

We arrived at Joshua Tree around 11am on Friday. As we drove around scoping out available campsites, we pulled up to one that looked perfect. There were some other people staking out the site as well. We introduced ourselves, chatted, figured out the campsites and started unpacking. Ten mins later, a guy from the other campsite walks over and says, "Is that Jeremy? Were you here last year?" Turns out we were camped immediately next to the Playa Surfers! Once again, playadipity extends beyond the playa!!

The weekend was perfectly relaxing and so much fun. Saturday, we went to Hidden Valley for a day hike. The one mile loop took the whole day because we were so into it! We climbed around like the monkeys we are and had a frigging blast!!

Peggy brought everything to make Hot Totties and Banana Boats. Yummy goodness all around!

Here are some of the photos. For the rest, click any of them to get to Jeremy's site.

To make Banana Boats - peel the top section of the banana, carve out and eat, replace with assorted goodies like chocolate chips, caramel chunks, mini marshmallows, wrap in foil, place on grill, wait for goodies to melt, consume, enjoy!

No, really, dance party in the desert:

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