Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cinderella Slippers?

I received the following email this morning from my guy friend:

monday night i was on 129th street in harlem looking for a taxi with my friend when we saw a pair of
orange stripper/hooker shoes in a dumpster.
i, of course, grabbed them and put them on(with socks, so as to avoid shoe-borne diseases).
i wore them in the taxi down to the bowery where i got tired of wearing them(they are kind
of painful, to be honest).
as the night progressed i, sadly, forgot about them.
then last night(4 days later) a random stranger/dj came up to me and said 'are these your shoes?' and handed
me aforementioned orange stripper/hooker shoes.
i said 'yes', and immediately put them on, having been reunited with said shoes.
so i ask you, what are the chances that:
a-i'd find a perfect pair of orange stripper hooker shoes at 2 a.m in a dumpster in harlem on a monday night?
b-that some random stranger would re-give them to me at 2 a.m on the bowery on a friday night?
i now believe that these shoes are my soulmate.


p.s-here are my soulmate shoes.

I would like to know if they actually FIT?! Funny how the only reason these are deemed hooker shoes is because of the silver spiked heel. if it were a regular heel, they'd just be lady's heels.

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