Monday, December 1, 2008

Cloud Cone Point

Jeremy called me on Saturday afternoon to let me know he was on his way home to take me on a surprise adventure! This sounded fun, so I immediately jumped out of bed and got ready. All I knew was that it would be outside and cold. I packed us a lunch and off we went. J insisted that I drive because "that was part of the adventure."

As we cruised along in Laser I saw the sign for Angeles Crest Highway and was even more excited. I've heard great things and had never been... Now I understood why my driving was part of the adventure! Beautiful twisty mountain road that took us up and up...

Finally we made it to what we've now named Cloud Cone Point. We parked Laser, hiked up beneath some Big Pines and came out with a beautiful view. It was definitely cold, so J built us a little fire. We ate our lunch, took some photos, and had a lovely time! We stopped between the two tunnels - a magical place of hope and wonder - and then began our descent along with the sun.

Remembering the new Americana Grove-like mall, we decided to go check it out. There was a gigantic Christmas tree, a massive fountain and the place was mobbed. So we elected to see Australia. Great, fun film!

A perfectly ideal day. :)

Here is the route we took and some photos from the adventure.

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Missed the self timer boat - always better that way
Between the tunnels, there are secrets

Magical sunset


allison said...

where are you? what are you doing there? and whay don't i know the answers to these two questions :)

thats what i get for going away for 2 months!

hope all is well dear friend!

liss said...

Did you not READ THE POSt?! :)

I was just thinking about you today... we need a phone date! Are you still coming to LA in Jan?

allison said...

i hope to come in feb-the weekend of the 8th! i went back and read it- the pics were deceiving though- it looked somewhere more 'mountain-ous' than cali! :)

i want to see your face soon! :) i miss you!

liss said...

That's what is so great about that place! I was so surprise to still be in Los Angeles County...

It was amazing. We were about 7000 feet up.

February would be amazing! Are you coming for a wedding/fun/I can't remember?

Jeremy Roush said...

The mountains that loom tall in the background of a clear Los Angeles day...

Chelsea Mae said...

You know, you and Jer are the only couple I know that actually make me miss a relationship. Adventure, mall, xmas tree, movie... You guys are very lucky.