Wednesday, May 7, 2008


this song is amazing and the video is even more.

gem moments:

1:24 - his grunty face

2:13 - the mouthing of the echo - like we all don't know that's an effect done in production.

2:17 - the failure to edit out his mouthing something else when there are no actual words being sung at that point in the song

2:37 - his hand gesture. um. really?

2:39 - ass slaps to correspond with hand claps in the song (see Jeremy's comment!)

3:26 - the fact that neither of them is even attempting to resemble actually playing the song on their guitars

the ridiculousness abounds.

I essentially just made you a Pop-Up Video.


Jeremy Roush said...

In the edit suite:

"Ok, right here, when we hear the hand claps, smash cut to the three chicks smacking their own asses."


"You know, so it looks like the hand claps are actually self-ass-smacks."

Editor thinks. "Fuck! You're a genius Billy!"

Billy grins. "Let's see it."

This is the way to start a morning! THANKS.

Andy said...

I think this video could have used a little more fog machine action. I mean, c'mon it's the 80s. Crazy effects like that cost by the hour. Show us how much you paid for it!!!