Thursday, January 15, 2009

Disneyland 2009

Jeremy, Dong, and I went to Disneyland & California Adventure last Sunday. There is something remarkable about that place that has nothing to do with magic and characters. The infrastructure and attention to detail that makes it magical is much more impressive than any other aspect. There is never a single piece of trash to be found, nor is there a single spec of paint overlooked. The place is kept in perfect pristine condition. I go there and feel like I am in another world. There is always entertainment to be had. And if you know the right places and method of going about your adventure, it's 100% stress free.

Going with Jeremy, who is a Disneyland veteran could not have been better... He knows how to get there in 35 mins or less, get on all the rides you want to go on, eat at the best (and healthiest) places, and never once did we feel pressured for any reason.

About half way through the day, I realized that my watch was missing. Indiana Jones was spent racking my brain about where it could have gone. I usually just keep it on my awesome fanny pack's strap, so the only way it would have come off is if I took the bag off. There was only one place I did that: While watching Bill Hill and the Hillbillies at The Golden Horseshoe while consuming the delicious hot fudge sundae and root beer float that the gentlemen were lovely enough to share with me. So we wandered back over there after Indiana Jones - arguably one the best rides there. They had found the watch but had already turned it into Lost & Found. After some more rides, dinner, and with some perseverance, I was reunited with my watch!

All in all, it was perfect day. Perfect weather. No lines. Perfect companions.

Here are some photos - click each for the full set.

Completely unprovoked, Goofy endorsed Obama!

Goofy Endorses Obama!

Thunder Mountain Coupledome. <3

Dong and Melissa vs Disneyland  027

Jeremy takes a nap, and Dong pulls a Halseth on Space Mountain!

Dong and Melissa vs Disneyland  038

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