Thursday, January 29, 2009


Last Saturday, January 24, Chelsea, Hillary and I went to Mani's Bakery for the most delightful brunch. Then Chels, Dom and I headed over to Pan Pacific Park for Lou O'Bedlam's micro photo shoot. It ended up being rained out, but the wander around the park yielded a nice crop of new photos that I'm very happy with.

After the park, Chelsea had a hankering for a smoothie, and Erewhon was right there... so she bought some bananas, and we headed to her place. Smoothies were delightful, and then Jeremy made the spontaneous decision via iChat to head to the mountains to place the Cloud Cone Christmas Cache (the Geocache I gave Jeremy for Christmas).

All in all, a perfectly delightful day, which resulted in some photos I'm happy with. This type of editing was new and I love it.


Tobey Wong Tobey Chong

(Full Set)


rayne said...

melissa, i found a group of our friends on flickr! did i show this to you already?

liss said...

Wow. Toe Thumb Sisters Unite!