Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Love Eruption!

I have seen these message beans here and there for years. I was a little skeptical about a bean in a can. Especially one that's been laser engraved. And that a plant might not be a good present for some. Jeremy was the right person! And of course the love eruption happens while he's in NYC. :)

Here it is on days 10 & 11:

Love Eruption on Day 10

Message Bean on Day 11


Hillary said...

haha.. the love eruption!!! brilliant..

i got a happy birthday one for my mom one year, and it grew to be a huge plant she replanted and still has!

liss said...

Yes! I was reading on the can that they can grow up to 20 feet!!

I told J he would have to deal with a 20 foot plant if I'm not allowed to get a kitty yet. :)

Hillary said...

and when you get the kitty, you should name him jack!

liss said...

omg! yesssss!! Then the kitty can climb our 20 foot beanstalk and find a giant in the sky! what an awesome story.