Thursday, February 26, 2009

Perfecting Little Cakes

I made these Molten Chocolate Cakes (<--scroll down for recipe) for Jeremy for our one year. I didn't cook them long enough and overlooked letting them cool before the inversion step. So they ended up a melted chocolately mess. Albeit a yummy mess, but still not visually appealing.

J is in NYC for work this week, and with some extra time,I decided to try to perfect them. Summer hung with me, in an online iChat kind of way, where I taunted her with words of yumminess... and despite the fact that the recipe creates two, and it isn't reducible because of the eggs, I made them anyway and ate them both! They were so yummy.



Cooling before Inversion

Ta Da!

Um.. Where did they go?

Pst! My offer still stands to make these for you if/when we ever meet, Summer. :)

1 comment:

jer said...

WOW those look GOOOOOOOOD.

I miss you!