Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

Approximately this time last year:


J's birthday was a significant one last year. I broke up with him. At the zoo. Thank the universe I figured out the right thing to do. That was to be with the man who has treated me better and with more respect than any other man I've know.

To 35 more years of knowing you.


The Universe said...

Your're welcome. :)

allison said...

oh my gosh! i am crying this! so romantic liss! happy bday jeremy!

allison said...

meant to say crying reading this....i type to fast

Chelsea Mae said...

dude you broke up with him on his birthday at the zoo? thats harsh. thats like urban relationship legend material.

liss said...

That's part of why I posted it, Chels. We've made so much progress in realizing all of the things we believed we were capable of.

Alli: love you! xoxo

Veebs said...

how do you know that he's going to die in 2044? SUSPICIOUS