Monday, April 20, 2009

Nina & Kennan Come to Town!

Jeremy's longest friend, Kennan, and his lovely and talented girlfriend, Nina Nastasia came to town to master the tracks on her new album. We have spent an amazing weekend with them, eating, drinking, music listening, geocaching and general adventuring all over the city.

Yesterday, we took Nina & Kennan, and Emily & Paul to Cloud Cone Point.


Susan said...

Cloud Cone Points looks really beautiful - a good place to take your guests to visit during graduation weekend!

liss said...

It's already part of the plan. I'm so excited for you to come and to graduate!

If we still do the motorcycles, that's where we're going. Woo!

Susan said...

most likely no motorcycling - too expensive. but maybe i'll win the lottery tonight, yeah right! I did play, tho.