Monday, April 28, 2008


Coachella was indeed a blast! The official Coachella Crew (the people I drove with anyway) ended up being Hillary, Dana, Cameron, and me. We spent more time actually seeing music than we did in the beer gardens this year. That was a first for me. The day was filled with music, drinks, heat, and loveliness. And this year was probably one of the most stress-free years there for me.

Anyway, music: We walked in during VHS or Beta's set, caught the last couple of songs. I don't really know their music, but what I heard was interesting enough. Dana was a fan of the lead singer's Asian-ness. Then we wandered over to the Sahara tent for Kavinsky, where I proceeded to dance my butt off. Such a good time. Attempted to see some Devotchka, but opted for MGMT since I'd seen them already. The MGMT tent was a shitstorm and impossible to get in, so back to the Sahara tent for Boys Noise. Hot Chip was by far the highlight of my day. Dana and I have been dying to see them since they're new album was released and since we had tickets to a show that was rescheduled until tonight! So Hot Chip twice in three days? But of course! Islands was a bit of a disappointment compared to the other times I've seen them - at the El Rey, the Henry Fonda, and at UCLA. They were having technical difficulties that we think they didn't know about, so it was beyond their control. The new album is great though. Due to Islands' technical difficulties, Animal Collective went on late, and we had to eat, so we sadly, missed Kraftwerk. We were all dying for food though. After food and a quick stop in the beer garden, we made it to Portishead. Wow Portishead. Beth Gibbons voice is like a female version of Thom Yorke's. I have never gotten so many goosebumps because of a voice more times in any other show besides a Radiohead show. The moment we finally got away from the annoying singing girls in front of us was the moment I was able to just close my eyes and feel the entire set. It's amazing that Dummy came out in 1994 and still manages to sound like it came out now. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, they were so ahead of their time. In other news, Beth Gibbons looks very similar to my mom. And then Prince. What to even say about Prince other than he was Prince. It was fun, entertaining, and I got a surge of energy to dance once more!

All in all, it was a pretty perfect day - great people, great music, great dancing, great time.

Here are some photos:


Hot Chip Dancing = The Most!


Here are the rest of the photos!


Susan said...

Hey sweetie - I'm flattered you think I look like Beth Gibbons! Wasn't sure who she was as I didn't know the individuals' names of Portishead, but yeah, they're still great, and I love her voice. Thanks to you and Dan for exposing me to them.
Glad you all had a good time at Coachella. I, myself, CANNOT wait until All Points West!!!! Still have extra tickets - one for Friday and one for Saturday. Can you help with that?

allison said...

looks like so much fun- i am sad to have not been there with you but i appreciate the recap :)

keep on rockin in the free world-