Wednesday, April 30, 2008


UPDATE: PIG FOUND. hmph. The email exchanges that went back and forth between the four of us were quite entertaining. Though quite possibly just for us.

From Cameron:
I will gather weather data and you girls can interview residents.....I'm gassing up my car now

From Melissa:

We can all skip classes tomorrow and go.

But seriously, that thing could be anywhere. We should check wind reports that pilots check from Sunday night and try to figure it out. oh man. that'd be awesome. Do you have to pay taxes on reward money?

From Cameron:
I think we'll need a boat...a large boat. It is probably off the coast of Rosarito, or even further down Baja. If my 4th grade social studies project taught me anything, it's that these balloons can go really far. I had someone find my balloon note in Virginia...and I lived in South Florida (I promise I didn't know about balloon dolphin deaths at the time). It is hopeless...damn it!

From Melissa:
It feels silly to "reply all" when Hillary is seriously and literally sitting right next to me. But I officially blame Cameron for all ballon dolphin deaths. Can't we just all be professional somethings that don't require us to do real work so we can actually go on a giant pig balloon search. Imagine the dolphins this thing is going to take out! Coachella is now the official dolphin killer!

From Hillary:
We could find a sponsor & film crew for this could be the next Cannonball Run: Search for the Desert Swine! Cameron, you will be required to grow a moustache in honor of Burt Reynolds.

From Dana:
as an animal lover, i am willing to take off the rest of the quarter if necessary. who's with me??

The conversation even made it to Facebook:
Cameron left this on my wall: alright so I really think it is in the Sea of Cortez! But it's hammerhead season and that place has a shit load of them. Lord knows what those crazy bitches would do to a two-story pig. Lucky my new barber has a helicopter so we won't even need to get wet.

My reply to him: Yucatan Peninsula. For Shizz.

And the finding of that pig was the balloon in our blow hole of banter.

We were way off. That Swine made it a mere 2.4 miles driving distance. And couldn't even hold it together long enough to get it to the ground. The thing was in pieces. That pig needs some serious help.

Pig Route

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Jeremy Roush said...

The pig has flown before:

"On the second day, the marksman wasn't present because no one had told him to return, and the pig broke free due to a strong gust of wind (gaining a lot of press coverage). It disappeared from sight within five minutes, and was spotted by airline pilots at forty thousand feet in the air. Flights at Heathrow Airport were cancelled as the huge inflatable pig flew through the path of aircraft, eastwards from Britain, over the English Channel, finally landing on a rural farm in Kent that night."