Sunday, April 20, 2008


Today's been a fun filled day of studying. I've been trying my best to stay off the computer save for an occasional refresh of the Craigslist "Saturday Coachella" search. I'm currently studying for tomorrow's Developmental Psychology exam. I'm not answering my phone and not responding to emails unless they're from someone with Coachella tickets. In case you're wondering, The Period of the Fetus consists of week 9 through the end of the pregnancy and is largely characterized by a rapid increase in size and is also the period in which the nervous system, organs and muscles become organized and connected, and new behavioral capacities like kicking, thumb sucking, and rehearsal of breathing appear. This is also the time at which the fetus' sex is evident. Oh, the life of a student...

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Jeremy Roush said...

I appreciate that wisdom-nugget.

Knowledge installation and creation is a noble, and critical, pursuit. It feels gooooood to have something really profound laid into your mind permanently. Hopefully permanently.