Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day! I'm still using my reusable bottle for water. I'm still drinking coffee out of my own stainless steel cup. I'm still riding a scooter that gets around 80 mpg. And tonight, I'm going to walk to yoga as part of their Walk/Bike/Skateboard/Rollerskate to class and get a free class on Earth Day. I try my best on a daily basis to be Earth friendly and am looking for more ways to do so. Anyone have any suggestions?


(photo: This is your Earth on Global Warming courtesy of azrainman)


Damien said...

My Earth Day "to-do:"

1) Wake up
2) Eat Breakfast
3) Shower
4) Go to work
5) Return home
6) Eat dinner
7) Read friend's blog
8) Go to bed

Jeremy Roush said...

Cancer spreads uncontrollably through its host until the host is destroyed. It is this nature that leads many to refer to humanity as earth's cancer.

However, no cancer has the capacity of self-awareness, the ability to see that its growth destroys itself. Humanity has the capacity.

By sharing how you're leading a less "cancerous" existence, you're part of the corrective force that is re-aligning humanity with a long-term existence in sync with the truth, the limits, of living on a planet.

Importantly, you do these things without a radical shift in your personality; you're still you, still the same fun-loving charismatic slam-dancer everyone loves.

This allows others who associate non-cancerous living with "hippy" or "liberal" an example of how being more conscious does not mean having to change your personality in some radical way.

Damien said...